Smart defrag server 2012

So, my data is not scattered across the entire disk.
So why did we stop the default file system defragmentation or defrag.
Exe c h k g On a client machine it will be Windows c h o however, if there is a thin provisioned media present, defrag will do slab consolidation as well.
Again, coming back to smart the previous question, is defrag at all smart necessary?K Perform server slab consolidation on the specified volumes.Regarding the situation where you need to run defrag to unblock backup, our prescriptive guidance should be to run defrag if a user encounters this error due to unavailability of contiguous free space.When we talk about storage solutions having smart terabytes of data, running a traditional defrag (default file system defragmentation) involves a long time and also affects the servers overall performance.Hello everyone, I am Palash Acharyya, Support Escalation Engineer with the Microsoft Platforms Core team.The only way someone can tell if they need defrag is to measure their workload to see if fragmentation is causing slower and slower performance over time.For example, when Windows server backup defrag (or even a 3rd party smart backup solution which uses VSS) is used, it needs a Minimum Differential Area or MinDiffArea to prepare a snapshot.So what does Storage Optimizer do?Exe c h k which means it is doing a slab consolidation of all the volumes with a normal priority level (default being server Low). By using the defragmentation method solid, these distributed file parts are defragmented so that in the future significantly fewer smart server memory cells have defrag to be read out and also written to when changing a file.
We have come a long way from Windows XP/2003 days when there used to be a GUI for defragmentation and it used to show fragmentation on a volume.
Simple, it didnt justify the cost and effort to run a traditional file system defragmentation as a scheduled task once every week.Below is an example of the output which we can get: There are 13,486 fragments in all, so should I be bothered about it?Additionally, in its latest versions, Smart Defrag has acquired a new defragmentation engine for less CPU usage and to achieve a faster, more stable process.Thats all for today, till next time.Exe c h k Ø Windows Server 2012 R2: defrag.The catch is, there needs to be a chunk of contiguous free space without file fragmentation.The minimum requirement regarding the MinDiffArea is mentioned in the article"d before.Analyze, for a thin-provisioned storage, this is how it looks like: The fragmentation percentage showing above is file level fragmentation, NOT to be confused with storage optimization.

This has significantly changed in Windows server 2012.
Storage Tiers allow for use of SSD and hard drive storage within the same storage pool smart defrag server 2012 as a new feature in Windows Server 2012.
So, from a disk IO standpoint is defrag necessary for getting a better throughput?