Minecraft xbox 360 hunger games catching fire map

This map got made by fire oxkillerox and got showcased by qdengler Minecraft Xbox 360. .
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I also have 32 other hunger games maps catching for those who wan to play them and i can even show how u get fire them onto to your xbox if you want games tracking 1593241.
Not a Chance, hunger absolutely.My name is Mateo and I like playing first person shooters, Minecraft and making videos for the catching people of Youtube.The rules can be found at the spawn and make sure you play this map with 6 or more hunger people since it is as pretty big map.This map looks just the same as the area in the movie and is really detailed.This is the version 2 of ruined city on pc i did not make the map so im not taking any credit for it message me on xbox at: oi F3aRz x if you want to play and ill tell you details in the party.Sign in to your account or, register for a free account, current rating:.41 by 17 users.Minecraft Xbox 360: Catching Fire Hunger Games map Showcase: Comments comments.There were already made a couple of catching fire hunger games before for the Xbox 360 but they didnt looked like the actual catching area since they were based on the trailer of the movie.I manage this site bringing the latest and greatest Minecraft console maps to the community. Share: Item description: Minecraft Hunger Games catching Map, download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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Script Mods - class Explosive Pistol Undercover Cop symbian Mod - GTA book IV (Xbox 360).File Name: Minecraft 360 Hunger Games Catching Fire!File Submitter: ProjectGaminFile Submitted: File Category: Minecraft Worlds.Hope you enjoy the map make sure to download.If anyone records them self's playing please converter PM the video.I have over 15 different Hunger Games maps to play!My gamer tag: Charliee98.s I am appearing offline.GT littlebigman53 Just got done watching The Hunger Games : Catching Fire Now I am ready to play some real minecraft hunger games!Minecraft Xbox - Hunger Games - GunSlinger.Round 2 - Welcome to another round of hunger games.Minecraft Hunger Games Stampylongnose Minecraft Xbox Skyrim Survival Games 2 Hunger Games.Sesame Street The Hungry Games - Catching Fur (Hunger julio Games Catching Fire Parody).Filled Under Xbox 360 Hunger Games.My name is Mateo and I like playing first person shooters, Minecraft and making videos for the people of Youtube.