Konami pes 2014 game

konami pes 2014 game

Stunning 3D graphics in PES 2014 konami game are enhanced by realistic audio effects that include konami unique chants based on each team involved.
All details have been taken into consideration, and the physical resemblance of the virtual players to the real ones is impressive (but only for the famous ones; the "not-so-well known" ones are a bit rough around the edges).
For instance, Trueball Tech allows players to lean precisely when dribbling or konami fighting for the ball.Total freedom of movement on the field.An extraordinary game climate, the new Fox game graphics engine in PES 2014 works well.PES 2014 to see what it game will be all about?During the loading stages, you'll get tips on shots and moves to do in specific situations konami in a game, a useful konami intermission that takes advantage of any dead time!The rowdy crowd also moves in a realistic fashion that can create some distractions.Also improved are the tackles, which are now much more fluid and believable.The sound effects are perhaps the best element of PES 2014. In addition, there is the inexplicable lack of rain or snow.
This is the engine that Konami will use for all future games, plus a modified version for soccer games.The result is a striking realism and unprecedented freedom of movement in PES.The power, weight and physical strength of the players can affect the outcome or impact of the shoulder to shoulder struggles between players.For example, if a player has a lower center of gravity, they will be harder to knock over.The PES 2014 menu design isn't bad, but in terms of usability, it's definitely a step back from the modern and new fifa.The Motion Animation Stability System simulates realistically game the collisions and body contact between opposing players on the soccer pitch.The way they come out for high balls and crosses is convincing, although the slowness and lack of reactivity of the goalkeeper when facing konami a striker leaves a lot to be desired (Y button on the Xbox joypad).Experience soccer like never before with PES 2014 for PC by Sarah-Claire Clark Jordan, 4th Jun 2013, pES 2014 is the latest soccer game in the Konami Pro Evolution Soccer game series that features improved gameplay, konami animation, and more.