Install ms office 2007 ubuntu 12.04 wine

Now click the office newly install added "riched20" file, click "Edit" and select "Native (Windows.
Now you can easily install Microsoft Office 2007.
Now double clicking setup.
Service Pack 2 wget wine Service Pack 3 wget wine Sources: install nithin C 5815.Install wine1.4, winetricks, wine-gecko1.4.Go to, applications Wine install Configure Wine and on the "Applications tab" select "Windows XP" under "Windows Version" and click "Apply".Rm -rf /.wine export ubuntu winearchwin32 wineboot -update winecfg now restart Step.If you have ubuntu something important in that directory please backup before wine running the following wine commands. Rm -rf /.wine export winearchwin32 wineboot -update.
On First Run, select "I dont want to use Microsoft Update".
Firstly dvdrip softpedia make sure you're running the latest wine: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install very wine1.3.You may have to create the folder, download the file, and place the file into.Now streaming install itunes Microsoft Office 2007 - to be able to run the "setup.Exe You will find all installed very office apps in your dash home.If the dotnet20 Installation fails, it may return the error: dotnet20 requires Microsoft Installer.0.See game also: Fix The "Open With" Menu When Using MS Office Under Wine Quick Tip).At this point, dvdrip PowerPoint will fail to start.