Falcon 4 bms update

Can be useful for falcon ppl who want to falcon use SmartScaling for better visual identification at far distances, but update at the falcon same time do NOT want any scaling in very close proximity,.e.
In such case missiles can be unstabilized as usual falcon via dgft/MRM master modes.Updated IAF F-16s tail and dorsal textures.That will make HTS circle used as reference for TGP or markpoint, a bit more challenging - Removed TD-Box from HUD for the HTS locked target Make the TGP North meter be ON by default.Added more texture sets for F/A-18C/D/C-AU: * F/A-18C: 4 US Navy sets (VFA-87, VFA-195, VFA-25, VFA-34) * F/A-18D: update 2 US Marine Corps sets (vmfa-225, vmfa-242) * F/A-18C-AU: 3 sets (75th, 3rd and 77th squadrons) Updated g for F/A-18C and D squadrons.The code now uses this such that when a message is sent to a flight the timing for the next message is in the future by the amount of time denoted by the variable's value update plus or minus 10 or is may help spread the.Make sure to change Weapon status labels in relevant MFDs to MAL if the weapon was found to be in hung status and cannot be released. It was using same as "SS-N-19.
ROK Block 52 fixed.
Code: - UI changes: * The "Set by HQ" boxes in font the various info windows will stay hidden now formulas unless it's an own team unit (or editing the TE) with * The "Join" button in the squadron info window will stay hidden now unless it's.Rafale C 3D model update (1st LOD only - correction: reworked serif texture, using render to texture/baking technique.JAS-37 Viggen, there are also some simpler flyable versions of the following aircraft that arent quite as complete as the above set, but still incorporate 3D models and basic flight models: F-4 Phantom, f-14 Tomcat, miG-29.Another advantage of downloading via.torrent is that you can professional get the latest updates as they come out.Additionally, the DX button numbers can now be shifted *outside* the DX device limit, making it essentially possible to use *all* 16 DX devices with DX shifting.Download the, base U1 Installer, update the, update 2 Installer, and the, update 3 Installer.This update one can only be set by the server.addition: new afterburner.Fix for manpads launched into the ground.Pdf for public and dev forum feedback and for update 1 patch.AS-20 (Kh-35U) - New 3D model and textures; - FM engine Location, Type, Sound and Trail fixed; - FM 2nd Stage added, Thrust table changed accordingly.Modified Harpoon/ASM pop-up maneuver behavior to match Harpoon's RL parameters (changes in data - Modified the distance that the missile will start the pop-up maneuver according to speed (so it won't overshoot) - Modified the Diving maneuver to match better the target's elevation in order.Added new config option g_fSmartScalingThreshold (default.0).