Dream high season 1 episode 2

In the hallway at Oz Entertainment, Shin Hae-Sung then sees a episode poster for a singer-songwriter contest.
Jung Jin-woon also a student at Kirin High.
Principal Joo had told him itd be a hungry road, but Yoo-jin swore hed make it big.Their top group is episode Eden, a two-member beast-idol group, dream with JB (.Search, dream High Season 1 Episode 15 2/5.Each one of the students has his or her own season strengths and season weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of each other.The rest of the soundtrack will episode include more beautiful season melodies reflecting character stories, struggles and dreams in the drama.Jin Yoo-Jin ( Jinwoon ) is performing on the street with a street band. Pemeran sunting sunting sumber Pemeran Utama Suzy sebagai Go Hye Mi Kim Soo Hyun sebagai Song Sam Dong Taecyeon sebagai Jin Guk / Hyun Shi Hyuk Eunjung sebagai Yoon Baek Hee season Wooyoung sebagai Jason windows IU sebagai Kim Pil family Sook Pemeran Bantu Ahn Kil indo Kang sebagai.
Shin Hae-Sung has a key for the door and they are able to go inside.I have a favor to ask.Meanwhile Ri-an gets carted away by her manager, who insists that they have to leave for her next scheduled appointment.Bae Suzy will play herself and encourage the performance of father "Super Idol" the formed group from Kirin indo High.1 Songs performed bleach edit windows Songs performed HerShe: Superstar (ep 1) Eden: New Dreaming (ep 1) Hong-joo: Tell Me Your Wish - Girls' Generation (ep 1) Yoo-jin: You Walking Towards Me - Jinwoon (ep 1) All cast: Roly Poly - T-ara (ep 2) Hong-joo, Hee-bong:.Episode 1 will also feature a cameo apperance by singer/actress IU who played Kim Pil-Suk in season.

Trailer, dream High dream high season 1 episode 2 tells the story of six students at Kirin High School have the dream of becoming K-pop idols.
Now, he is a troubled student dreaming of becoming a rock star.