Computer networks interview questions and answers pdf

computer networks interview questions and answers pdf

Anyone wishing to interview sharpen their knowledge of Computer Networks Subject.
96) What interview is one basic requirement for establishing vlans?Firewalls can be implemented answers in both hardware networks and software, networks or a combination of both.66) What are the maximum networks and hosts in a class A, B and C network?View questions Answer Discuss in Forum Workspace answers Report.Repeater: Repeater is an electronic device. Questions on OSI Model, the andreas section contains questions on physical layer, data link layer, transport layer and network layer.
The default gateway for connecting to the bass external network is usually the address of the external router port.
We can use it to deploy both server and client.Dhcp is short for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.87) What is one advantage of mesh topology?How do you troubleshoot it?Imaging or ghosting also does version the same job of capturing an andreas installed image and then install it on a new hardware when there is a need.All Experienced, Freshers and Students, heres andreas list of Questions Answers on Computer Networks Subject covering 100 topics:.Transmission Medium, protocol, your Name, your Email-ID, your Answer.VPN can be configured using the stepsmentioned in the KB: m/kb/305550 15) Your computer slowly drops out of network.Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device.Apipa stands for Automatic private IP addressing.It was developed during the early 1970s and is based on specifications as stated in the ieee.Ipconfig command is used to display the IP information assigned to a computer.By looking at the first code octet multiplayer of any given IP address, you can identify whether its Class A, B.This makes the IP management very easy.A network card, network adapter game or NIC (network interface controller) is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network 22) What is USB?